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Become a Tennessee Army National Guard Warrant Officer.  Technical & Tactical Expert.

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Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS)

CW4 Ricky Tackett

Command Chief Warrant Officer

United States Army Warrant Officers Association



United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC)


Provides background information of USAREC organizations. A source of information on special programs for active Army personnel and civilians alike.




Access to this website REQUIRE CAC



• US Citizenship (No Waivers)

• General Technical (GT) score of 110 or higher (No Waivers)

• High school graduate or have a GED

(No Waivers)

• Secret security clearance

• Pass the standard 3 event Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) (70pts each event)

• Meet height and weight standards

• E-5 or higher preferred

• 5 of  last 8 years   experience in feeder MOS

• ALC for enlisted feeder MOS

• Letter of recommendation from CW3

Or higher in same career field

• Letter of recommendation from Unit and Battalion Commander

• Max age of 46








• 120A – 12H, K, N, Q, P, R, T & W

• 125D – 12Y, 35F & 35G

• 131A ¬– 11C, 13B, D, F, M, P, R & T

• 140A – 14G, H & S

• 150A – 15Q

• 151A – All 15’s excluding 15P/Q

• 255A – All MOSs (Must have 4 years IT experience IAW prerequisites)

• 255N – All MOSs (Must have 4 years IT experience IAW prerequisites)

• 290A - 29E,25B & E,35N,13D & F

• 350F – 35F

• 351M – 35M

• 352S – 35S

• 353T – 35T

• 420A – 42A & 42F

• 740A – 74D

• 882A – All MOSs that meet prerequisites

• 890A – 89A, 89B, 89D

• 913A – 91A, F, M, P & S

• 914 – 91E

• 915A – 91A, B, C, D, H, L, M, P, S & X

• 919 – 91B, C, D, H, J, L, X

• 920A – 92Y & 68J

• 920B – 92A

• 921A- 92R

• 922A – 92G & 68M

• 923A – 92F, 92L & 92W

• 948B – 94D, E, F, H, M, R, W, Y & Z

• 948D – 94A, M, P, S,T, X & Z

Who to Contact

CW2 Victoria E. Murphy

EMAIL:  Victoria.e.murphy2.mil@mail.mil

PHONE:  615-313-3133

For more information on becoming a Warrant Officer contact:


To receive the above forms in a fillable pdf format, contact Victoria.e.murphy2.mil@mail.mil


Contact the Joint Public Affairs Office at:  615-313-0633




In Tennessee, if you or another Servicemember you know is in crisis, call (855) 435-7492 for assistance 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.


If this is a sexual assault issue, contact:



M-F 0700-1700hrs


Safe Helpline

(877) 995-5247

After Hours Support

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